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Kentuckiana Home Services was established from decades of experience in the trades that most impact the value of homes. You’ll notice a common theme in our services: Water and moisture cause most of the costly damages to homes, so our services range from repair of damage caused by water and moisture, to home improvements that improve curb appeal while preventing water damage with drainage solutions.

Types of Home and Commercial Services

Kentuckiana Home Services concrete driveway

From beautiful patios to sidewalks, driveways and parking areas or garage foundations and even stucco work, we use experience to do concrete right and with your preference of finish or stylized surfacing.

landscaping with drainage

Your landscape plan can be the ultimate solution for form and function, providing your oasis for relaxation and entertainment after work, as well as curb appeal to improve the value of your home, plus the right grading and design for moving water away from your foundation into an irrigation system for your beautiful gardens.

floor replacement

Water Damage Repair & Prevention
Extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, with an emphasis in repair of water-damaged property, makes Kentuckiana Home Services your source of specialists for repair and prevention of damage. Structural repair and damage prevention services range from replacement of floors where the joists were rotted, to excavation and encapsulation of crawlspaces for prevention of damage and improvement home comfort and energy efficiency.

water proofing

Water Drainage
Water simply needs to be moved away from the foundation of a home or commercial property to prevent the most common and costly of structural problems. Water drainage solutions, from french drains to grading, downspouts and pump systems are designed uniquely for each property depending on the existing problems, current grading of the ground, location of nearby drain areas, and of course aesthetic, landscaping preferences.

We Make Big Jobs Easy for You

From free site visits and quoting to quality work provided on time and on budget, we make sure that you are completely satisfied and happy with the results of any work from Kentuckiana Home Services. Our attitude of service comes from decades of experience which teaches you to be kind and reliable.

Free Quoting

Just use our contact form or give us a call at 502-639-6771 to describe what you need, and request a free site inspection and quote. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to do any job given a free quote, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Google Reviews

“Choosing Kentuckiana Home Services was absolutely the correct decision. They did great work, were very professional, and even went above and beyond. I will definitely use them again for my next home improvement project!”
– Evan

” I’ve been dealing with Kentuckiana Home Services for about 6 months and the service and professionalism is OUTSTANDING!! I will use them for all of my home servicing needs!”
– Paul

“I would like to recommend Kentuckiana Home Services. They did exactly what they said and for the price we agreed upon. Ed was great to work with and he made sure we were satisfied. A+”
– Trade

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