New Concrete Sidewalk and Parking for Highlands Home

Another Louisville Highlands home is about to begin enjoying their new concrete sidewalk and parking area, freshly cemented by Kentuckiana Home Services.

Highlands Home Sidewalk After
The Highland Home Concrete Sidewalk “After”

One of our greatest rewards is finishing a concrete job and seeing that we’re providing customers a fresh start and new enjoyment of simple things like welcoming guests to their home on an attractive new walkway, and coming home to park in a clean new parking area at the end of the day.

A lot of work goes into the “before and after” shots involving concrete. The attractiveness of the crisp clean lines and the solid stability of the level surface are achieved with many years of experience in professionally grading and prepping the area for the pour of the custom-mixed cement and then the craft of finishing the surface to the owner’s specs.

Highlands Home Sidewalk Before
Highlands Home “Before” Sidewalk

Contact us at Kentuckiana Home Services. We welcome all calls to talk about your “could be’s”.

New Cement Parking
New Concrete Parking Area for the Same Highlands Home