There are several types of water drainage systems to prevent water damage … the most common and costly of damages to the home. In addition to incorporating water drainage into our concrete and landscaping projects, Kentuckiana Home Services provides yard drainage and moisture solutions that range from french drains to grading, downspouts, crawlspace management and pump-based systems.

Grading & Downspout Extensions

grading and downspout extention

Grading the soil around your home is one of the simplest and most economical solutions for preventing water damage at the foundation and basement leaks. Usually combined with downspout extensions, grading keeps rain water away from your foundation.

French Drains

water proofing

French drains around the perimeter of the foundation or from a targeted flooding location to a drain, are highly effective for moving water quickly to a drain.

french drain with rock

Each french drain system is designed according to the problems being experienced at the property, and then landscaped to taste.

Pump & Drain Systems

While french drains, grading and downspout extensions are primary exterior drainage systems, basement flooding can still result from ground water rising through the basement floor. When basement water-proofing systems include drains and pumps, the discharged water needs to be quickly drained away from the property. The discharged water can be effectively tied in to an efficient exterior system.

Crawlspace Excavation & Encapsulation

Exterior grading and drain systems can’t prevent ground water from seeping into crawlspaces and creating moisture that results in serious water damage, usually to the floors above the crawlspace, and to the foundation.

encapsulated crawlspace

If you have a crawlspace, it at least needs to be inspected annually to assess moisture, and encapsulation plus conditioning (and possible conversion into useful storage area) is recommended to prevent the likelihood of your floor joists rotting and needing costly replacement.