Since 2010, Kentuckiana Home Services has taken pride in providing Louisville landscaping services that improve the value of homes and commercial properties by improving curb appeal, providing enjoyable relaxation and entertainment space for the owner, and by incorporating water-drainage solutions to prevent water damage.


Home owners will particularly find Kentucky Home Services to be the ideal one-stop resource when adding concrete patios and sidewalks to re-define a space with a balance of clean lines, greenery of shrubs, and the color of a flower garden.

landscaping with drainage

Realtors and investors also appreciate our extensive experience in yard drainage solutions to beautify space while we solve water drainage problems, for example by incorporating downspout extensions into a grading solution or a raised bed of shrubs. Whether dressing a property up for sale or solving drainage problems that caused leaks in the past, or both, Kentuckiana Home Services uniquely provides Louisville area homes and commercial properties with comprehensive, reliable, beautiful landscaping that is as functional as it is appealing to the eye.

While considering your landscaping plans and ideas, be sure to do your homework in researching the traits of a reliable landscaper, and you’ll find that Kentuckiana Home Services checks all of your boxes for assurance:

  • We provide more than traditional landscaping, by offering concrete services and yard drainage.
  • Our testimonials and reviews speak to the satisfaction we earn with dependable, quality work.
  • Our reliability for completing jobs on time and on budget is second to none.
  • We are flexible and considerate in achieving the aesthetics you want to achieve, and we always deliver service with a smile.
  • First impressions do matter, so we suggest a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to find out if Kentuckiana Home Services is the right fit for your landscaping needs.

We would love to achieve the property-enhancing and relaxing environment you have in mind. Contact Kentuckiana Home Services to discuss your ideas, and we look forward to talking!