Most structural damage to a home is caused by water and moisture, so you’ll see that Kentuckiana Home Services specializes in repair and prevention of water damage. Home owners are upset about the damage and stressed about spending money on repairs. Our approach is to reduce stress as much as possible with competitive rates on repairs, reliable quality work, and prevention of future damage by fixing the leaks, moisture management and water drainage solutions.

Water Damage Repair

Floor joists and concrete. These are our most common repair jobs from water damage, and our specialties.

Floor Repairs and Replacements

floor rotted from moist crawlspace
Kitchen floor joists rotted from crawlspace moisture

Bouncy floors are a sign of water damage, usually above a crawlspace with too much moisture or a basement with leaks. If you think the squishy floor is your imagination or just typical for your age of home, call us for a free inspection. Especially in the older homes of Louisville and Southern Indiana, moisture over time has likely softened or cracked the floor joists. Let’s take a look and either fix the moisture problem before the joists are cracked, or replace the cracked joists and also fix the moisture problems with crawlspace encapsulation or fixing of wet basement problems.

floor replacement
Kitchen floor joist reconstruction

Worst case, floor replacement may not be as extreme as you think in terms of cost and time, and letting the floor get worse will cost more to repair. Kentuckiana Home Services provided decades of experience in comprehensive home repair and carpentry, which means competitive rates on repair and quality work performed quickly and on budget.

Concrete Water Damage Repair

foundation crack

Kentuckiana Home Services offers more than 30 years of experience in repairing and preventing water damage resulting from basement and foundation leaks. Much of this will include concrete cracks at the foundation and in the basement walls. In addition to repairing and patching the concrete cracks, we will find the cause and fix it, likely with water drainage solutions as simple as grading and downspout extensions around the perimeter of the home.

Other Structural Home Repairs

If repairs are more extensive than small drywall holes that are jobs for good handymen, call Kentuckiana Home Services. We will replace walls, floors/ceilings, and make you happy with our delivery of on-time and on budget work.

Contact Us at Kentuckiana Home Services for a free quote on structural home damage, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work and attention to service.