We have more than 30 years of experience in Louisville concrete services, from large commercial construction to small oasis patio environments, beautifully contoured sidewalks, driveways and parking areas for the home.

In any Kentuckiana Home Services concrete project, we factor in water-drainage management to ensure that water – the most common cause of costly damage to your home or commercial building – is guided away from your foundation toward a proper drain. Landscaping can be combined embellish your concrete work and also manage water drainage as well as irrigation for your gardens.

Concrete Patios

concrete patio

For personal relaxation and entertainment, concrete patios are a great, economical choice, as there is no limit to shape and size of design, and the crisp, clean concrete foundation provides endless possibilities for current or future texturing, tiles, stone work, etc. We begin with your personal thoughts and plans, and add any degree of our input you like for design and texturing.

Concrete Sidewalks

KHS Front Sidewalk

Curb appeal and stability through the seasons for many years … for all the reasons you want a sidewalk, front walk or rear walk to be as beautiful as it is attractive, concrete is a great choice. Clean lines of any shape allow you to landscape your walks to your personal choice.

As with all other concrete projects, it is a highly flexible medium, so you can choose any finish, from the classic “Old Louisville Style” with small-composite prominent on top, to a crisp, clean, white, smooth finish.

Kentuckiana Home Services makes your sidewalk project easy with the efficiency that comes from experience and highly skilled tradesmen specialized in concrete.

Concrete Driveways & Parking

Kentuckiana Home Services concrete driveway

It might go without saying … stability, accuracy and precision (in other words, experience) are critical for dependable, level, concrete driveways and parking areas (including garage pads). You don’t want cracking and settling to create unsafe or unsightly flaws in the beautiful surface that welcomes you and your guests to your home every day.

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