Crawlspace Moisture Damage

From inside the house, the signs were sagging floors and low spots in a room, and crawlspace moisture just doesn’t always come to mind. Upon inspection of the crawlspace, dampness under the house for decades resulted in sagging and cracked floor joists.

damp crawlspace with damage to subfloor
damp crawlspace with resulting damage to sub-flooring and joists.

After 3 days of excavating the crawlspace, it can be dried and sealed, and it now has sufficient room for working (and doing any future work), so the repair crew can come in and repair the sub-flooring.

excavated crawlspace ready for repair and water-proofing
excavated crawlspace ready for repairs and sealing.

This commonly happens because the crawlspace is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, and is simply a space that home owners don’t want to self-inspect on a regular basis. And what would most home owners look for? What would you know to be excessive crawlspace moisture vs. acceptably dry?

If you have your crawlspace inspected without signs of damage above (in the home), the work is more likely to be excavating and sealing to improve dryness, and to actually improve comfort in the home. A dry, sealed crawlspace will improve energy efficiency as well as comfort, both for the same reason of controlling moisture.

If your house has a crawlspace and you’ve never had it inspected, do yourselves a favor and email us or call us (502) 639-6771 at Kentuckiana Home Services to inspect it. We love to help and improve the value, structural integrity, aesthetics and comfort of homes.