Kentuckiana Home Services
delivers the home improvement work that values the home

Kentuckiana Home Services crewAll of us at Kentuckiana Home Services have decades of home improvement and remodeling experience, from building to demolition, renovation and repair. We incorporated in 2010, and we have dedicated ourselves as Kentuckiana Home Services to improvement of homes with quality work that … values the home. 

You’ll notice we primarily take on projects that either increase value (we say that a lot), or protect the value of the home with repair work and large maintenance projects. For example, standing water at the foundation threatens serious damage which will become costly to repair, and repair jobs take dollars from your home-improvement budget. Let’s get out in front of that damage by combining a re-grading project with landscaping that protects your foundation from damage and improves the aesthetics as well as the value of your home. 

Kentuckiana Home Services concrete drivewayLikewise with concrete work … in which we take pride of doing very well. A well-planned and designed walkway, patio and driveway can help solve water management and irrigation while providing a beautiful new attraction for curbside appeal and barbecue entertainment. Solve, plan … deliver with the highest quality of workmanship. That’s our approach. 

So, welcome! Thank you for visiting, and please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for an opinion or quote. We look forward to hearing about your plans or questions regarding home improvement.