Yard Drainage Prevents Basement Leaks at the Foundation

Foundation Crack from Water

Most of these related calls are about “basement leaks.” After a site inspection, the jobs end up being repair of foundation cracks and some type of yard drainage to prevent basement leaks at the foundation. Insufficient water drainage is how most of the foundation cracks were caused in the first place.

Home owners typically don’t place “water drainage solution” at the top of each year’s home improvement list for two main reasons.

  1. They don’t (yet) know they have a drainage problem.
    (until they find a foundation crack or basement leak)
  2. They might see pooling water, but they don’t yet see any resulting problems, and they think a drainage project will be too costly.

Yard Drainage Costs Less Than You Might Think

Those two reasons for not thinking of water drainage are certainly understandable. We just don’t think about what we don’t see, and we don’t come up with projects we don’t know we need, especially if they’re going to cost us.

Here are two reasons to go ahead and look into yard drainage.

  1. If you see any evidence of pooling water or moisture around the foundation or moisture evident in basement wall cracks, remember that a free yard drainage inspection and quote is … free. You get to learn your risk and any cost of a leak prevention for nothing, and you’ll find that a yard drainage solution (if needed) isn’t as much as you think.
  2. A yard-drainage solution to prevent leaking is less expensive than water damage repair, and then you’ll need the drainage solution anyway to prevent further water damage. Plus, yard drainage is probably less expensive than you think, as most drainage solutions can be managed with simple grading and downspout extensions.

Here’s a well-written article about outdoor drainage solutions usually being the most effective and least costly of solutions to, and prevention against, basement leaks.

Once identifying the particular water-pooling or moisture problem, the type of drainage solution follows. It can range from simple downspout and grading to french drains around the entire foundation, or a pump-and-drain system that combines basement waterproofing (for water that comes up through the basement floor) with ground-water drainage, and then carries the water to an appropriate drain away from the house.

It’s simply a good idea to get a free inspection and an opinion on water damage risks and yard drainage solutions (if advised). And remember, attractive, value-enhancing landscaping can include yard-drainage benefits, and water drainage solutions can include landscaping … so your “repair” expenses aren’t ‘money down the drain’, but an investment in your curb appeal, home value and personal enjoyment.

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