Water Drainage Solutions

subsurface drainage system
Subsurface Drainage

The first things to know about water drainage are that water wants to run downhill, and that water will do expensive damage to your home if not drained away from it. For example, moisture in a crawlspace over years will rot the joists supporting your floors, and standing water at your foundation will cause cracks that can create major settling issues. These problems occur when you don’t create a downhill path for water, away from your home and to an appropriate drainage area.

With that said, the drainage solution for any home owner depends completely on the home, the slope of the land, the nature of the current water problems or risks, the available drainage area, etc.

And here’s great summary post from School of PE, categorizing water drainage solutions into 4 basic types:

slope and downspout drainage
Slope and Downspout Drainage
  • Surface
  • Subsurface
  • Slope
  • Downspouts/Gutters

At Kentuckiana Home Services, with decades of experience in solving water drainage problems and doing repairs that result from water damage, we can confirm that within those 4 general types of drainage solutions, the right solution is probably more affordable than you think, and of course much less costly that the damage which usually results from avoiding the drainage project. It’s best to start with a free phone call and estimate, so feel free to Contact Us to discuss your water drainage questions or any particular drainage problems needing a solution.