Landscaping a Leak Repair

Home improvement should mean turning a repair job into a value-added benefit to the home. Nobody should feel like they just lost money on a repair, but improved the structural integrity, appeal and actual value of their home. Especially outdoors where curb appeal adds real value, a leak repair can easily become a simple and affordable landscape job to draw admiration instead of water damage.

How We Work is Who We Are: Kentuckiana Home Services

At Kentuckiana Home Services, our time is pretty much equally divided between large repairs, concrete work, landscaping and prevention or correction of water-related problems. In most cases, these projects are related, such that large repairs result from water problems that could be prevented, and concrete jobs work with landscaping to move water away from the home into a water drainage solution. Of course, remodeling jobs are highly rewarding as well, as they are usually all about home improvement, but every remodeling job should likewise be focused on protecting the new investment against future damage, for example with wise choices of drywall to suit the need of the space and likely exposure to moisture.

For Example: The Brick Wall Leak

A small leak in the brick wall of this home was causing water damage in the garage. The home owners of course wanted to fix the leak, so they had options. Repair the brick on that section of wall, or seal the leak and use attractive landscaping to spruce up the side of the garage. One solution strives to get the brick back to a healthy surface to just repair the leak, but the new mortar will be a contrast to the old, and the repair will be just a repair job — money spent to fix the leak, with a result of diminished curb appeal.

Landscape and Drainage Solution

Option two: clean and then seal the leak with a life-long sealant and flashing solution. This water-proofing treatment will protect the underlying brick and eliminate penetration of moisture from either the downspout or the build-up of ground water, however … we’re not going to allow for those situations either.

Instead of using surface grading to move the water away from the house where the downspout drains, extend the downspout drainage through a new landscaping solution. In this case, we build up the landscaping, allowing us to slope the downspout extension down away from the garage, and use attractive pavers, soil, mulch and shrubbery for a new landscaping feature. The attractive end of the drainage pipe comes through the base of the structure to bring water to an appropriate drainage point.

There are endless possibilities for solving home problems with a mindset of always adding value to the home. Contact us at Kentuckiana Home Services to discuss home improvement ideas or to bring a home-improvement perspective to a repair.