Landscape Lighting for Curb Appeal, Enjoyment and Safety

Whether you’re into a soft glow or full-on glitz, landscape lighting brings atmosphere to any garden. Why enjoy your garden only during the day when there are so many creative ways to use landscape lighting for curb appeal, entertaining and your own enjoyment?

Sunlight doesn’t discriminate, but with night-time lighting, you get to illuminate your favorite garden or home features. Make sure you keep the shed, trash cans and yard bins in the shadows when you design your lighting scheme.

Aside from aesthetics, there are other benefits of investing in lighting for your driveway, sidewalks, yard and garden. Considering safety, improved lighting for walkways and around gardens can prevent slips in the dark, and the light also provides the appearance of being home.

Where to apply which types of lighting? As a rule, relaxation areas are best for subtle, soft lighting, whereas paths and steps need a brighter illumination. It is important that the lighting you choose is focused on the job at hand. You don’t want giant floodlights ruining the ambience in other parts of the garden.

up lighting trees

“Up-lighting” is a technique favored by increasingly more landscapers and gardeners. If you are lighting your driveway, you can use up-lighting to highlight interesting trees or other plants. The flora in your garden can appear almost otherworldly when they are lit from below. Install a spotlight at the base of the tree and adjust it so that it shines upwards to get a gorgeous play on shadows.

As with all lighting, but especially with powerful spotlighting for up-lighting, make sure you turn them off when they are not in use, so you don’t waste energy. Of course, timers are always a good call for that purpose, so you can … “set it and forget it”, and enjoy. And as you look into your lighting options, you’ll see there are plenty types of solar lighting available for added benefits of avoiding timers and excessive energy use. Just be careful about relying on some of the lower-end solar lighting units wherever you’re using lighting for safety.

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