Bundle Your Inspection List Repairs

Home Inspection. How does that term make you feel?
Inspection list repairs? How about that one?

If you’re a realtor or the home owner selling your home, these terms cause nervous anticipation at best (for the seasoned realtor), or full-on anxiety (especially for the first-time home seller). Home buyers don’t much like them either, but some see the inspection results and their corresponding request list as an opportunity to negotiate price.

Seasoned pros will tell you … let’s package up this list of requests, get it quoted from reputable tradespeople, and offer the total cost of repairs as a reduction on the final price. Or package it up and get all that work done. Either way, this can cause heart-burn as well. It turns the home owner or the Realtor into a sub-contractor. What is the smoothest path forward that simplifies the process and reduces time and repair costs as much as possible? Make as few calls as possible. Every experienced realtor has their go-to handyman (to install GFI outlets and do all the caulking, etc.), but what about the bigger jobs?

Where to Start? What’s in the Inspection List?

What’s in the buyer’s list of requested repairs? Small stuff or big stuff? Take a look at this article, “Common Problems Found During Home Inspections,” by HGTV. It’s a great, up-to-date reference of typical issues the buyer will consider for requests. In this article, two seasoned home inspectors summarize the common problems reported in inspection results.

  1. Rick Yerger says water is enemy number one. “Of the many homes I have inspected, water damage to the structure has been the most damaging and costly, causing foundation problems, rot and the dreaded mold.”  As a result, Rick lists grade sloping (for water drainage) and stucco repairs at the top of his list of most common issues that the buyer will want to address.
  2. Austin Chase approaches the subject from the build year of the home, listing the most common issues for homes built in different decades. For homes of all ages, he says, “Most important is the number-one defect detected during the inspection process: moisture and drainage. This is the leading cause of dry rot, major structural damage and toxic mold. It is important that grading of the property slopes away from the home. “

Sort the List of Requested Repairs

As mentioned, the seasoned realtor will have their go-to handyman to quote on the list of all the typical handyman items on the list: replacing doorknobs, caulking windows, etc. However, with the larger repairs being as common or more common, they are often beyond the scope of what the handyman covers, and they may represent the greatest concern in terms of cost and time, and therefore the decision to either have the work done or negotiate the cost into the price of the house or a check to be presented to the buyer at the closing. For these reasons, and from our experience at Kentuckiana Home Services, we recommend this sequence:

  1. First give the list to a contractor who deals with the larger structural issues. Kentuckiana Home Services is a good first-stop for quoting, as we specialize in repair for most of these water-damage-related issues: Grading and landscaping with water drainage solutions; concrete and stucco repair; replacement of floor joists damaged from moisture; excavating and encapsulating of crawlspaces, etc. Since we also work on large remodeling projects, we may be able to economically bundle-in some of the smaller repairs, for example drywall work.
  2. Give the remaining list of the smaller jobs to the handyman, and as a result, you want to try having no more than two sources for quoting all the work on the list. This can also help condense the time frame of getting the repairs made, and getting the most reasonable pricing.

If the buyer was really more interested in getting the largest possible check at the closing table, the bundled quotes give the seller more leverage to say, “We’ll take care of the work.”

Inspection list requests will vary extremely from home to home. Just remember Kentuckiana Home Services is an experienced provider of the heavy-lifting repair and remodeling jobs, dedicated to quality and satisfaction. Contact Us for free quoting on your list of repairs, and we look forward to simplifying this potentially stressful stage of home selling, so you can move a quickly as possible to a peaceful and mutually agreeable closing.