Poured Concrete Patios, Practically Perfect for Improving Home Value

cherokee concrete patio

Poured concrete is the economical foundation of clean-lined patios, walks and driveways that are aesthetically attractive, allow for future layers of coating and texturing to taste, and control water drainage.

At Kentuckiana Home Services, we love doing concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways and garages. We do tons (and tons) of quality concrete work we’re proud of, and we enjoy the look of satisfaction when our customers see the finished job. It’s the look of “just what we wanted.”

Kentuckiana Home Services concrete driveway

Thinking about your options? Include concrete in the mix. For starters, concrete patios are among the least expensive to build, and think of them as the defining foundation for a patio, walk, driveway, etc., which is immediately attractive in its clean aesthetics, and allows for any future surfacing treatment. Assuming quality installation and maintenance, concrete is one of the most durable materials to use.

Unlimited design options are possible with concrete. If you have several decorative ideas in mind for the future, such as glazed decorative tiles, a concrete slab is the way to start, as it provides a solid, even base for adding tiles and other coating, texturing treatments.

KHS Front Sidewalk

Plus, here’s one of the greatest value-adding advantages of a concrete foundation for your patio, walkways and especially driveways: Water management. We don’t do any concrete jobs without planning the grading for water management, to keep the water away from your foundation and crawlspaces. With concrete, you control storm water runoff with the shape, depth, and slope of your poured concrete patio.

The project begins by sharing your vision or simply questions with us, and we’re happy to share our solutions. Call Kentuckiana Home Services at 502-639-6771, and let’s talk concrete.